Fortnite Patch 8.10 skin leaks have swept the internet with force as players scramble to find out what could be new. 

Fortnite’s most recent patch has brought us a ton of newly leaked information regarding upcoming skins in the game. What skins were leaked in Fortnite?

Fortnite Patch 8.10 Skin Leaks

Fortnite’s March 12 patch, patch v.8.10, added a lot of new game data to the game. After being datamined by leakers, a variety of new skins for Fortnite have been confirmed. The leaked skins include character kins, Back Bling, and even an Epic Magma Wrap.

Here’s an image of some of the new skins leaked to be coming soon to Fortnite:

You can find the full gallery of leaked skins ​here

As you can see, there are a variety of new items will soon be added to Fortnite. It’s unclear at the moment if all of these skins/items will be exclusive to the Item Shop or unlocked through other means in game.

The datamined data also revealed an upcoming event or Limited Time Mode for St. Patricks Day, titled “Going Green."

According to the leaked data, only Uncommon rarity items will be obtainable from chests.

It’s unclear if “Going Green” will be a full blown event or a LTM. 

Fun fact: The cover image for this article was also leaked to be an upcoming loading screen for Week 4 of Season 8. 

Cover Photo courtesy of Epic Games