5 Changes Players Want in League of Legends Patch 9.6

League of Legends Patch 9.6 will be coming soon and brings with it a host of changes to items, runes and champions, such as a retooling of Urgot. As always with a new patch, players have a long list of changes they want to see implemented, and after the successful reset of the ranked ladder, players no doubt hope to see more of their desires fulfilled. 

5. New Tristana Skin

Tristana was set to receive one of three possible new skins (Sugar Rush, Galactic Gunner, or Little Demon) based on a public vote. Voting ended on March 6, and there has yet to be news confirming which skin won the vote, but players would definitely enjoy seeing whichever skin won enter the game in the next patch. 

4. Spectator Visual Bugs Fix

Since the start of 2019, viewers of the professional League of Legends tournaments have had to put up with ceaseless spectator bugs, with seemingly non-stop pauses particularly in the LEC. But the biggest and most persistent plaguing all regions is a movement-related bug which sees player or Rift Herald models seemingly wander forward only to suddenly teleport backwards to where the player is actually lying in wait. It's been three months; it's about time for a fix. 

3. April Fool's Skins

It's raining cats and dogs in the April Fool's event upcoming in Patch 9.6 and this year's skins  see canine-themed Corki and Fizz face off against feline-themed Yorick and Rengar. In this silly versus event, it's time for cat people and dog people to draw a line in the sand. 

2. Riven Nerfs

Riven has steadily climbed the ranks of the top lane and now stands heads and shoulders above the rest, with a lot owing to her excellence at abusing the reworked Conqueror rune. With high winrates and exceptional power in split-lane pushing as well as skirmishes, Riven is likely in need of some adjustments. 

1. Rebalanced Skins Prices

The pricing of skins is always a bit touchy, especially with the news of the RP pricing changes, but the announcement that the upcoming Mordekaiser rework will not see his old skins retouched has reignited dissatisfaction with the pricing of older skins relative to their quality against newer skins of the same tier. However unlikely, an adjustment of pricing is long overdue. 

Images courtesy of Riot Games