5 Changes Players Don't Want in League of Legends Patch 9.6

League of Legends Patch 9.6 has a chance to bring quite a few changes that no one wants. Let's be honest, not all changes are appreciated or desired especially in the League community. Here are five changes players don't want in League of Legends Patch 9.6. 

5. Xayah Buffs On Top of Rakan's Buffs

Rakan received buffs in the most recent Patch 9.5 and it seems that Xayah will be next in line to receive increases to her own W ability, Deadly Plumage, increasing attack speed fropm 30/35/40/45/50% to 40/50/60/70/80%. 

The Lover's Duo is already a fairly potent bot lane pairing, the Rakan buffs bringing them back into vogue, and Xayah has persisted as an extremely powerful hyper-carry on the same scale as Kai'sa. 

Most importantly is that Deadly Plumage applies to Rakan as well if he is close, which could potentially make this change catapult the duo back to the top of the pick-ban charts. 

4. Teemo Changes

Sometimes it's worth it to just acknowledge poor design, especially when that poor design results in an unfun experience. Teemo's core concept involves blinding, stunning and trapping, all of which are extremely unpleasant to play against due to the non-interactive nature of his kit. The binary annoying-when-hidden/dead-when-caught nature of Teemo makes trying to salvage his kit with anything short of a total rework a fool's errand. 

3. RP Price Changes, Particularly in South America

The changes to RP pricing was always going to be a touchy subject. Microtransactions and pricing in games is boiling to a melting point as customer dissatisfaction throughout the industry grows, and the rise in costs, particularly in South America, will prompt backlash. No matter the reasons, be they justified or not, price hikes for an already contentious system will always result in disgruntled responses. 

2. Hefty Ezreal Nerfs and Its Ilk

Ezreal is the latest champion on the chopping block, and continues to demonstrate the baby-in-the-bathwater approach taken towards game design. As with Akali, Galio, Aatrox and Urgot earlier this year, Ezreal is the latest to take several hits after months terrorizing the ladder and professional play. In response, multiple abilities have been hit in fairly potent ways, as nuanced subtle changes are done away in favor of hacking away large chunks in the hopes that it will effectively gut the champion. 

I look forward to the next champion to receive this treatment, as well as the inevitable Ezreal buffs once more when the nerfs undercut his power more than intended, as seems to always be the case. 

1. More Evidence That Riot Don't Understand What "Prestige" Means

It's kinda crazy how often this point has to be brought up but at this point it seems like this will just be the "theme" of 2019. 

"Prestige: widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality."

Respect and admiration are the last things players experience when they look at the gaudy, gauche gold of the so-called "Prestige Editions" which have settled over 2019's champion skins like a blight. 

Requiring either untenable grinding or significant money sinking, "Prestige" skins function not to better the game or commemorate a champion or really do anything other than convince players to pour money into the game to fulfill a completionist desire. Or maybe Riot Games just wants to make sure that all players who have a Prestige skin can earn a feeling of pride and accomplishment. 

Images courtesy of Riot Games