3 Takeaways From LCS Week 7

The LCS continues to rage on as the season comes near an end. With a chance at the finals in St. Louis, Missouri on the line, the teams battle out for a chance at the remaining playoffs spots while Team Liquid and Cloud9 work to secure their spots at the top. 

In this bloody chaos, it is still difficult to draw conclusive results due to the nature of a best-of-one format which allows for more variance and upsets. But with the spring split nearing the end of its regular season, a few concrete details are emerging. 

Here are the three most important takeaways gained from week 7 of the LCS. 

3. 100 Thieves Look Lost

100 Thieves lie at the bottom of the standings, tied for last with Echo Fox. After a strong start in 2018 spring and a good summer earned the newcomer organization a trip to Worlds in its first year, 2019 has been calamitous for the team in light of that inaugural season. 

Despite a roster that had the makings of a championship line-up on paper, the Thieves' spent the first few weeks on shaky legs that have yet to straighten out. Instead, the team is stomped out by the top contenders and has to fight tooth and nail for the scant wins they've achieved. 

It's unknown what needs to be done for the team moving forward, as they are absolutely missing out on playoffs in their current form. A roster or coaching change may be necessary to reinvigorate this line-up. 

2. The Golden Guardians Fulfill Their Destiny... Kind Of

I take back my takeback of the Golden Guardians. 

While not quite the team I'd pictured in the preseason, the Golden Guardians have indeed managed to secure their position ahead of the struggling last-place teams and have a genuine shot at the playoffs. 

While their games are much messier than I'd predicted, and their matches can quickly derail to the clowny rather than scrappy end of the spectrum, there is promise in this team that could be honed and refined moving forward. Most likely with some better coaching or new players in their bottom lane. Certainly a far cry from their initial, horrific form which seemed destined to relive their 2018 splits. 

1. No Team is Immortal

But just as the Golden Guardians proved no team is beyond redemption, Week 7 of the LCS confirms what had been established in Week 4 when Team SoloMid toppled Team Liquid in the latter's thus-far sole loss: no team is immortal.

Passing the opportunity for the joke, the fact is that no team has the untouchable mythic aura of, for example, Griffin in the LCK. The strongest by-far team in the LCS is Team Liquid, whose slower deliberate style serves them well to out-macro teams in the mid-game to quickly gain indomitable leads and end the game. 

The concerning aspect is that TL play this style even against teams objectively weaker than them, which means TL rarely crushes opponents even when they should. TL remain the favorites for the spring championship, but it is by no means certain. 

Images courtesy of Tina Jo for Riot Games