​Where to find the new vehicle in Fortnite is actually rather easy. There are many locations on the map for players to find one of the new Baller vehicles. Here is a guide to where the vehicles can be found. 

​​Where to Find the New Vehicle in Fortnite

Luckily there is a map with the marked location of all Baller vehicles in ​Fortnite. As fans can tell, there should be a Baller available in nearly every single named area on the Fortnite map -- and certain places might have more than one Baller available. 

There might be more places with Ballers that aren't marked on the map, as fans are still playing and figuring out where the vehicle spawns. They can typically be found near pirate camps and expedition outposts.​

A recent data mine of the newest patch ​found new skins that are coming to the game. 

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games