Fortnite ping issues have sprung up in the wake of Patch 8.10's release on Tuesday. Players have reported unusually high pings since the update, leading many to believe the problem is on Epic Games' end rand not the players. Here's how to solve the ping problem.

Fortnite Ping Issues: How to Solve

First the bad news: There doesn't appear to be any way to solve the ping problems plaguing ​Fortnite from the players' side. No matter how good your internet is, you'll likely experience this ping problem when trying to play Fortnite.

The good news, however, is that the problem itself is with the game's user interface rather than with the ping itself. According to Epic Games, the bug players are experiencing isn't actually causing higher ping​. Instead, it's causing the in-game indicator to display a worse ping than is actually being used.

Players have reported that the higher ping has affected their gameplay, but Epic Games has not addressed those reports. It claims to be at work on a fix scheduled to arrive later this week.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games