​In an Overwatch developer Q&A held on the Overwatch forum, Blizzard gave fans answers to questions on Baptiste lore and gameplay. The developers revealed Baptiste's friendship with another Overwatch hero and explained why his Immortality Field was an ability with a cooldown instead of an ultimate.  

​​Blizzard replied to many questions sent in by fans on the ​Overwatch forum. Lead writer Michael Chu revealed Baptiste is good friends with a hero fans already know of. 

"Baptiste and Sombra met for the first time while both were working for Talon. Over time, they became good friends," the post read. "Sombra likes to keep an eye on everything, but she’s also looking out for Baptiste, even though he left Talon. It’s always nice to see what her old buddy has been up to."

Chu and writer Alyssa Wong, who was ​hired by Blizzard in July, further explained what pushed Baptiste to become involved with Talon, how he got his equipment, and what languages he can speak. 

A gameplay portion was included in the Q&A, too, where developers Geoff Goodman and Josh Noh replied to questions about his kit. 

When asked why Blizzard made Immortality Field an ability instead of an ultimate, Goodman explained it had too many disadvantages compared to other support ultimates. "If a Baptiste player can work around these disadvantages they can potentially use this ability to even stop another team’s ultimate, which can be a huge advantage to his team. This is one of the things that makes Baptiste so exciting to play!"

No release date for Baptiste was revealed, but Goodman explained once he is released to live servers, he will not be available in competitive mode for a week.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard