​Overwatch to Apex Legends sensitivity is a problem some players are finding themselves with when trying to convert the same settings from one game to the other. The in-game sensitivity options aren't exact replicas, so it can be hard to figure out how to convert the sensitivities. Here is an easy way to do it!

​​Overwatch to Apex Legends Sensitivity: How to Convert

A few players were able to figure out how to convert their ​Overwatch sensitivity to Apex Legends, but other players might have trouble finding how to do it.

There is a website players can use to convert their sensitivity from one game to another. For example, inputting their Overwatch sensitivity in the first part, in addition to their mouse DPI, will allow players to see what sensitivity they should put in Apex Legends. Overwatch players who are used to their sensitivity in-game can easily find the correct sensitivity to use in Apex Legends. 

The website will also work for other games, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so fans can figure out the recommended sensitivity input to use in other games based on the sensitivity they use in others.

Apex Legends fans are currently waiting for the Season 1 Battle Pass to be released. Respawn Entertainment recently ​commented on its release date

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard