Positions ranks, a planned improvement for the League of Legends ranked experience, had its preview permanently disabled Wednesday.

The system had been controversial since its introduction to the League of Legends community in early 2018. Players complained that the system didn't effectively incentivize players trying their hardest in off-roles, that it ended up punishing flexible players by forcing them to grind multiple ranks to indicate their true skill level, and that it punished players who displaying flexibility in-game.

While many in the community acknowledged the value of a system like positional ranking, the community in general objected to its implementation. It has now been rolled back before it reached servers outside of North America and Korea.

After the rollback, each player's highest position rank will become their new rank. They will keep their rewards and any Promotion Helper benefits.

Riot Games' ​announcement also stated the developer would perform a partial reset to players ranked in Diamond or above to undo the effects of a bug that placed many players in ranks higher than they deserved.

Players Master and above will have their ranks reset to Master 0 LP. Diamond players will be demoted down one division, bottoming out at Diamond IV. Reward progress will be unaffected, but current rewards will reflect the post-reset rank. Finally, Grandmaster and Challenger will remain locked for one and two weeks respectively.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games