​Valve released a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update Wednesday that included a new weapon case and updates to the game's economy, the AUG rifle and more. 

​​The ​CS:GO update changed round loss bonuses to the following:

- Round loss bonuses are now based on the count of a team's round losses. the cont increases by one after every loss, and decreases by one after every win.

- With 0 losses: $1,400

- With 1 loss: $1,900

- With 2 losses: $2,400

- With 3 losses: $2,900

- With 4+ losses: $3,400

Before this update, a round loss bonus with accumulate with consecutive losses and then reset upon a team winning a round. Now, teams maintain loss bonuses depending on wins/losses. Teams will also begin with one round loss at the beginning of halves still. 

Flashbangs are now counted as assisted items in the kill feed. Meaning, if a player flashes an enemy, and then a teammate kills said enemy, that flashbang will be in the feed. It will not take precedent over a traditional damage assist, according to the notes. 

The following are the list of changes to weapons in the update:


- Price reverted to $3300

- M4A1-S

- Now holds 25 bullets per magazine with a 75 reserve

- Shotguns

- Price reductions for Nova, Sawed-Off and Mag-7

- Nova - $1050

- Sawed-Off - $1100

- Mag-7 - $1300

For a full list of changes, including the new Prisma skins added to the game, check out the ​full release notes here.

Photo courtesy of Valve