PUBG Corp is looking for ways to improve map selection, according to a post made by a PUBG Corp employee Wednesday.

Responding to a Reddit post about making Vikendi its own mini-royale playlist again, community coordinator Andymh5 assured fans the developer was working on improvements to the map selection process.

"We've seen all of the community's feedback regarding map selection," he wrote, "and we are discussing possible routes for improvement."

Andymh5 declined to elaborate on ​PUBG Corp's plans for improvement, leaving the topic open for speculation among fans.

When PUBG first received Miramar, its second map, players were unable to choose whether they played on Erangel or Miramar. PUBG Corp added a map selection feature after sufficient fan outcry, but the feature was short lived. With Sanhok, players became diluted across each map and each game mode within that map, creating potentially long queue times.

To resolve the problem, PUBG Corp implemented limited map selection. Erangel and Miramar were lumped into a single playlist, with Sanhok on its own. Map selection has continued to change since then, but fans continue to clamor for the freedom to choose their favorite map and ignore the rest.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp