Riddle Maze Fortnite: How to Complete

Riddle Maze Fortnite is the latest Creative Mode creation to receive the Epic Games highlight, and now players are swarming the map and looking for answers. The island is a series of five levels filled with riddles and mazes, often with esoteric solutions. We're here to help. Here's how to complete Riddle Maze.

Fortnite Riddle Maze Answers Part 1

At the first riddle, walk through the door labeled "Hot," to progress.​ At the second, choose footsteps.

The third ​Fortnite riddle reads "Forwards I'm heavy, backwards I'm not. What am I?" Choose "ton," which is "not" backwards. The fourth riddle asks for the word spelled incorrectly in every dictionary, and it requires a trick answer. Turn around and find the door labeled "Incorrectly," to progress.

After reading through the maze of a riddle that ends by asking "What day is today?" find the door labeled Thursday and head through. The next should read, "Turn me on my side and I am everything. Cut me in half and I amount to nothing. What am I?" Choose number, then choose the number "8."

When you find the question asking for the missing piece of the number sequence, choose 87. That door should be above the door you just passed through.

Riddle Maze Fortnite 33 Doors

Next up is a maze of 33 doors. To progress, you must choose the correct door. Jump from blue platform to blue platform until you find door 22. Enter the doorway, keeping an eye out for the trap in the doorway that leads to the next section.

Fortnite Riddle Maze Answers Part 2

Back to the riddles! "I have cities, but no houses, mountains but no trees and water but no fish. What am I?" Choose a map. "What has teeth but cannot bite?" Choose a comb. "If I say 'Everything I tell you is a lie,' what am I telling you?" Choose a lie.

When asked to escape from a room you imagine to lack doors and windows, simply stop imagining. Finally, the last real riddle of the map will ask a long winded question that ends, "Each kitten has seven toys, how many people are going to the party?" Choose one.​

Riddle Maze Fortnite Last Level

The last question in the Riddle Maze will cheekily ask what Support-a-Creator code you're going to use. Choose Mixer-Onsidedaff, the creator of this map.​

Photo courtesy of Epic Games