​Overwatch Archives 2019 will begin in April, though there is no information on what the event will focus on. Here are five things we hope to see in this year's Archives event. 

​​Overwatch Archives 2019: 5 Wishes for the Next Event

5. Ashe Skin

Ashe is another hero who was added to Overwatch in the past year, and she should receive a skin from her past, too. Although Ashe's appearance might not change drastically in the roughly eight years in the past the Archives events tend to take place, fans would appreciate seeing Ashe in an outfit from her origin story.

4. Return of Former Archives Brawls

It is more than likely the other Archives game modes, Uprising and Retribution, will be available for players with this event -- though it isn't confirmed. Retribution was ​an exciting mode and left fans occupied for a while. Along with whatever event fans get in this year's iteration, Blizzard should let fans play the events from the past just to keep a variety of options for players. 

3. Talon Baptiste Skin

One of the nicest parts about Baptiste's origin story was seeing the new Overwatch hero in a ​Talon outfit as his backstory was revealed. Since Archives is an event that focuses on the past in Overwatch, it seems fitting that Baptiste would get a skin showing him as a former Talon member. 

2. New Dramatic Highlight Intros

One of Baptiste's highlight intros is exceptionally dramatic and is done a bit differently than most highlight intros typically play. It would be nice to see a different creative directions taken with the highlight intros going forward.

1. Talon Event

At this point, a Talon event is more of a demand. The Blackwatch event was very entertaining, but a Talon one can be even more fulfilling for fans that want to play the villains in a game that focuses mainly on its heroes. There is ​already a Talon mission Blizzard could allow players to play through if it chooses to give fans a Talon event. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard