5 Best Heroes to Partner with Baptiste

The newest Overwatch hero Baptiste is set to release on March 19 after a few weeks on the Public Test Region since his announcement. With his mix of damage-dealing, healing, and utility, Baptiste can find a place on almost any team composition, but there are always some teammates with whom he can enjoy more benefits. To that end, for those looking to jump in as a party of two or more, here are the five best heroes to partner with Baptiste. 

5. Orisa

Baptiste's kit favors teammates clumped together behind shields so that his area-of-effect healing can get maximum value, and no one epitomizes a bunker more than Orisa. In particular, the ability to stack their ultimate abilities can allow a real onslaught of damage in a pinch, while protecting the team from similar assault with Baptiste's Immortality Field. 

4. Soldier: 76

Fellow veterans in lore, Soldier: 76 and Baptiste work well as teammates in the game as well. With mobility to help both reposition to get better angles with their weapons as well as the ability to heal each other as necessary, Soldier: 76 and Baptiste can work together on high ground positions to utilize their hitscan weapons for long-range damage. 

3. Zarya

Zarya is a frontline bruiser who requires a lot of healing to see her through engagements, and Baptiste excels in helping press forward an advantage. In a pinch, he can even pair her Projected Barrier with his Immortality Field to temporarily tank damage for her and help Zarya recover. But their true synergy comes in combining her Graviton Surge with his Amplification Matrix to really lay down the hurt on grouped enemies. 

2. Zenyatta

The main drawback to Baptiste's Immortality Field is that it spares lives but leaves them hanging on by a thread. The main drawback to Zenyatta's Transcendence is its inability to protect teammates from concentrated burst damage. By sequencing Baptiste's Immortality Field into Zenyatta's ultimate, they can effectively negate the drawbacks of the other. Add that they're both no slouches in the damage department as Supports, and this is a formidable duo for any opponent. 

1. Reinhardt

Baptiste excels at helping teams switch from defensive to offensive on a dime, and the best Tank who excels in that position is Reinhardt. Baptise can keep him healed whether he's retreating or pressing forward, and can protect the team from concentrated burst with the Immortality Field. But especially potent is the Amplification Matrix paired with Reinhardt's Fire Strike to pierce through multiple enemies and deal massive damage while keeping his health topped all the way up. 

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment