5 Best Heroes to Counter Baptiste

The newest Overwatch hero Baptiste is set to release on March 19. As revealed in his announcement, Baptiste is a turncoat Talon operative who looks to improve the world by with bandages and bullets as is necessary. To that end, he is a powerful healer and potent damage-dealer. For players looking to stop his healing and his damage, these are the five best heroes for the job. 

5. Ana

Baptiste's main function is his healing, and that can be difficult if Ana's around. Her Biotic Grenade can negate a lot of Baptiste's kit with its anti-healing properties, and her superior range and damage means she can also out-duel Baptiste in the one-on-one. 

4. Widowmaker

Widowmaker can circumvent Baptiste's healing by simply killing her targets in one hit. Her superior mobility and range also means she can easily snipe him down if he happens to peek at the wrong time. The one blessing is that she can't kill targets inside his Immortality Field, but she can shoot down the drone itself quite easily. 

3. Hanzo

Hanzo shares many of the same properties as Widowmaker, although potentially riskier due to his shorter range. Still, he can kill targets as needed and his Storm Arrow ability lets him take duels up close against Baptiste if need be. Most importantly, though, his Dragonstrike can tear through Baptiste's healing and even his Immortality Field provides little defense against the jaws of the dragons. 

2. Junkrat

Junkrat can overwhelm Baptsite through sheer brute force, spamming down angles of approach without needing to peek and risk Baptiste taking his head off. His Rip-Tire ultimate is negated in kill power by Baptiste's Immortality Field, yes... but then there's little left to stop Junkrat from tossing in some mines and finishing the job while everyone's still weak. 

1. D.Va

D.Va has the simple solution of eating Baptiste's damage and healing, as well as out-dueling him up close once he uses up his Regenerative Burst. Her Self-Destruct functions similarly to Junkrat's Rip-Tire except even more reliable, meaning that while Baptiste can save his teammates from the initial death, there's little to prevent D.Va and her team's follow-up assault. 

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment