Trap Slot Fortnite: How to Complete

Trap Slot Fortnite will be a new challenge players need to complete in Season 8 Week 3. The challenge asks players to place different Trap Slot items in a single match. Here's a guide on how to do that.

​​Trap Slot Fortnite: How to Complete 

The new challenge from Epic Games asks fans to place different Trap Slot items in a single match, meaning the task can easily be completed with just one game of ​Fortnite.

There are Trap Slot items found almost everywhere, so finding one shouldn't be a challenge. This does not require players to kill anyone with the Trap Slot items, so fans do not need to worry about getting kills off of any trap items they have. All players will need to do is place two of those items to complete the challenge. This means items like Cozy Campfires and Launch Pads will also complete the challenge. ​

Fans can also ​refer to this cheat sheet to complete any of the other challenges.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games