How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC seems like it shouldn't be possible. ​Downloading PUBG from Steam costs $29.99, but the mobile version of PUBG is free-to play. Here is how to play PUBG Mobile from your PC.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

​​A word of caution: playing a mobile game from the PC gives the PC user an inherent advantage over those on the mobile game. So upstanding players who care about the integrity of the games should not use an emulator.

But it looks like the company itself is advocating the use of emulators, as Chinese gaming company Tencent's official emulator for Android devices, Gaming Buddy, has been given the green light for PUBG Mobile for Android to be played on the PC. This emulator has been made specifically for PUBG, so the controls are a smooth transition on the PC.

Tencent's Gaming Buddy emulator is 8.4 MB in size. Once downloaded, players can play PUBG on their computer with 60 FPS and have control over their HD resolution. You may need to lower your graphic setting though, as the emulator takes a lot of CPU to run properly.

In the last couple of days PUBG has seen its creator Brendan Greene ​leave his position as lead developer, while the game has been ​banned in India.

Photo courtesy of PUBG corporation