​Overwatch lost connection to game server is an error fans might encounter when they try to play. Sometimes it can appear because of internet problems, and other times players are unable to figure out why the message occurred. 

​​Overwatch Lost Connection to Game Server Error

The error is a pretty common message players can encounter while playing Overwatch. All it means is the connection was lost from the player's own internet as they tried to connect to Blizzard's servers. 

One of the biggest problems will likely be with the player's internet connection. Resetting your router should fix the problem, but sometimes the problem can occur even after that. If fans find resetting their network does not fix the problem, they should then check to see if their network driver needs an update. 

If everything looks fine, players can double check any connection errors with ​Blizzard's Looking Glass to see if everything is working as it should. Players can contact Blizzard for further support with the problem.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard