​Overwatch League teams will officially start home and away games in 2020, according to a tweet Friday by commissioner Nate Nanzer. 

​​​Overwatch League teams will be playing in home cities, according to Nanzer's tweet. "We're super excited to see our original vision brought to life. Thanks to all of our fans for your amazing support!" Nanzer said. 

Currently, all Overwatch League teams play most of their matches in Burbank, Calif. With the change coming next year, here are all of the cities that will feature Overwatch League matches:

- New York

- Vancouver

- Toronto

- Philadelphia

- Dallas

- Atlanta

- San Francisco

- Guangzhou

- Boston

- Seoul

- Houston

- London

- Los Angeles

- Hangzhou

- Shanghai

- Paris

- Chengdu

- Florida

- Washington

As more expansion teams are added, it's unclear if their home games will be ready to go as of integration to the league. Details regarding schedule, travel and more have yet to be announced, but this has been the plan for the Overwatch League since inception. 

Photo courtesy of The Overwatch League