​Devil May Cry 5 hidden weapons can be unlocked at certain parts of the game, and are some of the best weapons players will be able to find and use. Here's a guide to unlocking the seven hidden weapons.

​​Devil May Cry 5 Hidden Weapons: How to Unlock

The Hidden Weapons can be found while exploring Red Grave City, but will only be available at certain parts of the game. 

Kalina Ann - Unlock ​Secret Mission 11. Fans will find themselves in a ruins after the mission is over and will need to head to a ramp on the right and follow the platforms to the highest floor. When players reach the highest level, they can drop down to a new passage, go through a door, and will find the weapon.

Cavaliere - Finish Secret Mission 11.

Devil Sword Dante - Finish Mission 12.

Dr. Faust - Finish Mission 13.

King Cerberus - Finish Mission 16.

Kalina Ann II - Start Mission 18

Double Kalina Ann - Players will need to make sure they have the other Kalina Ann weapons in order to get Double Kalina Ann. If they did not complete Secret Mission 11, they will need to do so.

Cover photo courtesy of Capcom