​Fortnite week 3 secret battle star hints appears once more on the loading screen, although it is much trickier to decipher. 

For those who completed all week 3 challenges, the players receive a loading screen featuring the Sidewinder skin. Hidden in the bottom left is the secret battle star clue, which directs players towards the new pyramid zone, Sunny Steps. 

In the forest west of Sunny Steps, east of the volcano, there is a little shrine at the base of the volcano. Above the arch of the shrine's entrance, at the base of the stairs, players will find the battle star. 

Fortnite Week 3 Secret Battle Star

​Fortnite Season 8 runs with the explorer theme, with a ​new jungle area in addition to the volcano dominating the landscape. Hidden inside a tomb inside Sunny Steps is yet another hidden Battle Star for players. 

Of course, in order to gain access to the week 3 loading screen and associated battle star, players will need to complete the challenges for that week. A ​quick cheat sheet can help players in their endeavors. 

Images courtesy of Epic Games.