The Division 2 turret disappearing is the result of a bug players are reporting en masse, according to posts on Reddit. Here's what we know about the bug so far.

The Division 2 Turret Disappearing: Players Report Bug Disabling Skills

The Division 2 has a new and wide-reaching bug that's preventing players from using their most powerful abilities. The bug, discovered over the weekend and shared to Reddit, has a particularly frustrating effect. Whenever players attempt to use a skill, instead the skill fizzles out and is placed on a 15-second cooldown.

The bug appears to affect abilities that create shields, drones, turrets and hives. It may have been caused by changes made in a patch added to the game after its release Friday.​

Ubisoft issued a short statement through a community manager on Reddit, saying the developer is investigating the problem internally. No solution has been yet been released.

Photo courtesy of Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft