An Overwatch update went live Tuesday and included massive changes to nearly every Overwatch hero. Here are the five biggest changes from the patch notes.

​​Overwatch Update: 5 Biggest Hero Changes

5. Orisa Fusion Driver Buff

Orisa's movement penalty while firing was significantly decreased. "As a defensive tank, Orisa can have trouble pushing forward with the team," the post read. "Allowing Orisa to move faster while firing should make it easier to apply pressure on the enemy team and use her barrier in proactive ways." Her movement will now be cut by 30 percent instead of 50 percent.

4. Infra-Sight Changes

Widowmaker's Infra-Sight also received changes. The effects of Infra-Sight will end upon Widowmaker's death, meaning Widowmaker's team will no longer be able to see through walls if Widowmaker is eliminated. It is a way for players to counter her ultimate and continue with a push. Players will now see enemy health bars with Infra-Sight.

3. Wrecking Ball Adaptive Shields Change

Wrecking Ball's Adaptive Shields allows him to obtain shields based on the amount of enemies around him, and this is usually used when he is in the thick of the fight surrounded by enemies. Wrecking Ball will no longer need to pop out of Roll  to use Adaptive Shield. "This will make Adaptive Shield a more powerful survival tool, since being forced out of Roll mode left Wrecking Ball more susceptible to fire."

2. Sombra Hack Changes

In addition to reducing the cooldown on Hack when used on health packs, Sombra's Hack received a new visual update. The change will allow her teammates to better see which enemies were hacked and are therefore easier targets to focus and eliminate.

1. Lúcio Changes

Lúcio also received a number of changes in the new patch. He will also receive offensive assists when using Soundwave to boop enemies to their death, like with D.Va's Self-Destruct, and more. 

Amp It Up: 

  • Speed Boost’s amplification reduced from 70 percent to 50 percent


  • Speed Boost’s effect reduced from 30 percent to 20 percent

Wall Ride

  • Speed buff increased from 20 percent to 40 percent

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard