​Drum Major Fortnite emote recently went live in-game. The emote is one of the few that will allow the player to move around the map as they emote. 

​​Drum Major Fortnite Emote

A new emote was added to the Item Shop in ​Fortnite. The Drum Major emote is the latest cosmetic, like ​the Laguna pack, fans can purchase from the store for 500 V-Bucks. The emote features players marching music and will have the player's character model continuously walking forward.

The emote will allow the player to continue moving forward in whatever direction they want as long as the emote is active, meaning fans can continue marching around the Fortnite map while performing the Drum Major emote.

It is a daily item, so it will likely be removed when the store resets with new daily items tomorrow.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games