Each Overwatch hero has unique highlight intros that will play just before their play of the game clip or their highlight. Here are four of the best highlight intros available in-game.

4. Roadhog - Say Cheese

This highlight intro from Roadhog is very amusing. He hooks the camera in and pulls them close, giving players a close up of his horrifying mask. It is one of his best highlight intros and one of the best in ​Overwatch

3. Ana - Shhh...

Ana's highlight intro is probably one of her best, if not the best. The viewer is hit with a Sleep Dart is lies there as Ana crouches down to get closer to eye level. Anyone who felt the effects of Sleep Dart in-game knows how scary it is as they wait for either the enemy team to eliminate them, and this highlight intro captures that horror. 

2. Baptiste - Close Up

This highlight intro is a strong contender for first place. It is one of the best highlight intros in the game because of the dramatic cuts, which no other highlight intros has. It is one of the most creative highlight intros released in a while.

1. Sombra - Hacking

There isn't much to say about this highlight intro that isn't obvious. It's the funniest highlight intro and hearing the reaction of players who get "their" play of the game hacked for Sombra's is the most satisfying. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard