More and more maps are added to Overwatch as the months go by, though there are some maps that remain some of the best areas to have matches on. Here are the four best maps in Overwatch.

​​Escort - Watchpoint: Gibraltar

The best escort map in the game is Watchpoint: Gibraltar. The first part of the map is perfect for heroes who need many sightlines, and there are many ways to engage in an attack. A number of compositions can be used for both defense and offense, which means fans can find value with almost any hero they pick. 

Assault - Volskaya Industries

Volskaya Industries is the best assault map in the game. Although the choke can feel difficult to get past, the team will have a few different options in terms of how they would like to engage with the enemy team. The map's second point is also good for both defenders or attackers, as long as they remain coordinated.

Hybrid - King's Row

King's Row is another map that is good for many different compositions. Although the meta might be favoring certain heroes, which might change as the meta shifts to accommodate Baptiste, any hero works well on King's Row. It is one of the maps players complain about the least out of any map in Overwatch.

Control - Lijiang 

Unlike Ilios Well, there is no open area in the middle of the map to get environmental kills, but there are plenty of ways to knock enemies off the map in certain areas. There are areas any hero can gain fast access to the control point or flank around to the other team. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard