Apex Legends Mobile Download Android: Can You Play Apex Legends on Android?

Apex Legends mobile download Android is a hot topic as the newest battle royale game has spring in popularity. It wasn't too long before games like Fortnite and PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS received mobile games, so can players download Apex Legends for mobile devices, too? 

Apex Legends Mobile Download Android

There is no official way to play Apex Legends on mobile devices, and there isn't one available for Android, either. A quick Google search will show one website claiming to have an APK for Apex Legends Mobile, which will work for Android devices, but fans shouldn't download it.

Downloading the fake Apex Legends mobile APK will install a Trojan virus on the user's device. Countless ads will play, a convincing intro to Apex Legends will also appear, and the app will try to download other potentially harmful apps to the player's device. 

There is no Apex Legends mobile game at the time of writing, and it is unknown if Respawn Entertainment is working on a mobile version, either. Developers recently launched the first Battle Pass season ​and added Octane to live servers.

Cover photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment