Sekiro Schemin Warrior: How to Beat the Mini-Boss

Sekiro Schemin Warrior is another mini-boss in the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice universe. Mini-bosses are enemies who usually have a name and two health bars. They are much more difficult than the normal enemies but not as bad as the main bosses. 

You can find the Schemin Warrior in the Abandoned Dungeon. 

Sekiro Schemin Warrior: How to Beat the Mini-Boss

Immediately after defeating Long Shadow Longdswordsman in the Ashina Reservoir, head toward the Ashina Depths: In the Guardian Ape's Burrow. After defeating the Headless Ape and defeating Mist Noble head toward the Fountainhead Palace. From the Great Sakura Idol, turn around, jump off the platform and follow the river upward. 

The Schemin Warrior has multiple attacks in phase one. You can dodge the Floating Terror Orbs and Bullet Souls. You can deflect or dodge his staff attacks. He can also use two larger attacks of the same scheme that need to be dodged by running away and back toward the Warrior. 

In Phase 2, the Warrior does the same things from Phase 1, but when he points his staff in the sky, he'll summon three large orbs instead of one. 

To beat the boss, dodge most of the range orbs and look to deflect, and attack during his melee staff attacks. 

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