The Division 2 Lullaby Score 250: How to Use the Upgrade

The Division 2 Lullaby Score 250 is required to use the pre-order Lullaby exotic shotgun upgrade. How to get the Sweet Dreams Score 250 is somewhat confusing the way it's worded in game. Here’s how to get the Score 250 required to upgrade the Lullaby.

The Division 2 Lullaby Score 250: How To Use The Upgrade

Players who pre-ordered The Division 2 were rewarded with the exotic shotgun upgrade called Lullaby. This upgrade is actually more akin to a skin than an actual item. The Lullaby Upgrade will make another exotic shotgun, Sweet Dreams, look like the Lullaby Shotgun.

To fulfill the requirements to use your Lullaby Upgrade you will need to acquire the Sweet Dreams shotgun. The Sweet Dreams only drops from bosses. Once you have it, you’ll need to reach 250 Gear Score. Gear Score is an average of your equipment’s power and can only be progressed after you reach level 30.

Once you have the Sweet Dreams shotgun and have reached 250 Gear Score, simply head to the Crafting Station in The White House to use the Lullaby Upgrade. Keep in mind you’ll need a few E-Credits, Steel, Titanium, and Receiver Components to complete the upgrade.

Your Sweet Dreams shotgun will now look like the Lullaby!

The Division 2 is now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Cover Photo courtesy of Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft