5 Bold Predictions for Overwatch League Stage 2

All hail the Vancover Titans!

They claimed their title as Stage 1 Champions after a phenomenal match against the San Francisco Shock, where the Titans ultimately prevailed by a close 4-3 score line.

But the Shock will be back. Stage 2 may bring with it a very different meta, but some things just might not change.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

5. We'll Still See Some GOATS

Fans of the Overwatch League are looking forward to the final demise of the GOATS, triple tank triple support meta that has dominated the competitive scene since late 2018. Stage 1 saw the vast majority of teams playing GOATS, with some variations depending on the map type. However, the concept of the tanky, quick ultimate charging team composition will persist, so don't be surprised if teams still switch to the classic triple-triple.

 Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment 

4. Baptiste Will Dictate the Meta.

Baptiste is the latest support hero Blizzard has made for Overwatch. What makes him stand out is his extremely versatile kit. He is mobile, deals hit scan burst damage, has an invincibility field, and outputs consistent healing. That allows him to slot into many types of team compositions, so it will be exciting for fans to watch how professional teams utilize this new hero in competitive play.

 Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment 

3. The Hunters Will Dominate

The Chengdu Hunters were perhaps the biggest surprise of Stage 1. They stubbornly refused to play the GOATS meta for most of the stage, yet they pulled out some shocking results, such as defeating the Reign and taking the Titans to a Map 5.

Main tank and Wrecking Ball legend Menghan "Ameng" Ding was the star of the team, but the Hunters proved to the world not to underestimate the talent coming out of China. Their DPS lineup is deadly and will help the team adapt to wherever the Stage 2 meta shifts.

 Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment 

2. The Valiant Are Still Bad

An 0-7 Stage 1 sunk the morale of the Valiant and sent Coach Byungchul "Moon" Moon packing. A team as talented as the Valiant should eventually pick up a win right?

But the Valiant will still go through growing pains in Stage 2. Mike "Packing10" Szklanny will need to show he is head coaching material, while the rumors of trade with the Uprising could further influence team morale. The DPS duo of Brady "Agilities" Girardi and Youngseo "Kariv" Park need to prove they can compete against their peers.

 Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment 

1. The Shock Will Win Stage 2

Despite a heartbreaking loss to the Titans, the Shock have a lot going for them entering Stage 2. Their young players, particularly Jay "sinatraa" Won and Matthew "super" DeLisi have proven themselves to be tough competitors in the limelight. They played toe-to-toe against the strongest team in the league, and even with a meta shift, the diversity of the Shock's multifaceted roster will make them one of the fastest teams to adapt to any meta changes. Look for the Shock to go on a redemption arc.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment