Sekiro Giant Carp: How to Beat the Giant Colored Carp

Sekiro's Giant Carp enemy might not seem like an obvious foe for a shinobi out for revenge in Sengoku period Japan, but it's definitely stumped more than a couple of players. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest title from FromSoftware, developers of the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. The critically-acclaimed action role-playing game has players take on the role of the titular Sekiro and battle through a stunningly eerie world, slaying many nightmarish foes in his epic quest to rescue his captured young lord. 

One of the less-epic parts of this quest is when the "one-armed wolf" is stymied in his grand adventure by a giant fish stubbornly refusing admittance across a bridge. 

Sekiro Giant Carp: How to Beat the Giant Colored Carp

The Giant Carp in Sekiro is an enemy that players will encounter after defeating the Divine Dragon and Guardian Ape. At the Great Sakura in the Fountainhead Palace, players will find a submerged house where an NPC will warn them of the giant fish in the cave nearby. 

While swimming through the cave, players will encounter the carp which will attack them in a rage. Players can't win in a battle and must instead avoid the great fish while searching for the Palace Grounds idol. Once they find it, they'll be able to assuage the carp for a bit by feeding it some Precious Bait, recovered from the Guardian Ape Watering Hole. 

The players must then travel to the Dragonspring idol in the Hirata Estate, where they'll find a strange vendor in a pot overlooking the lake. Purchasing a few items will convince him to talk a bit, and eventually give players a special type of bait that will kill the carp. 

Players can then go to the Feeding Ground idol where ringing the bell will summon the Giant Carp to them. Feeding it the special bait will kill it. Its corpse can be found at the Guardian Ape Watering Hole, along with an item that'll unlock the Great Colored Carp achievement. 

Perhaps not quite the same action-packed foe as the Chained Ogre, but no doubt a thrilling tale in future retellings by Sekiro. 

Images courtesy of FromSoftware and Activision