PUBG Mobile Tracker: Is There a PUBG Mobile Stats Tracker?

​PUBG Mobile Tracker is a sought after resource for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile players considering the lack of information available on the application.

Unfortunately for ​PUBG Mobile players who want to understand their performances more, it might be a disappointment.

Here's how to track PUBG Mobile statistics through third-party sites. 

​​PUBG Mobile Tracker?

As of writing, there isn't a ​PUBG Mobile statistics tracker outside of the application. The console and desktop versions of PUBG have PUBG Tracker, which is one of the most valuable resources in the battle royale landscape. 

​PUBG Mobile doesn't feel like the baby brother or redheaded stepchild of the franchise, but the lack of a stats tracker might turn some off from playing the game. What's the benefit of getting a sweet Winner Winner Chicken Dinner if there's no way to back up the numbers around your performances?

This article will be updated in the future if a website does come out with the ability to track PUBG Mobile stats.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp