Fulminated Mercury Sekiro: How to Farm And Where to Use it

Fulminated Mercury Sekiro is an important late game upgrade material that players can use to increase their power. Although it's typically obtainable through combat with specific ​enemies, pioneering players have found a way to collect large amounts of it rather efficiently. Here's how to farm Fulminated Mercury, and what to use it for. Spoilers ahead.

Fulminated Mercury Sekiro: How to Farm it, How to Use it

Fulminated Mercury can be brought to the Sculptor in the Dilapidated Temple to upgrade Prosthetic Tools. Here are the available upgrades:


Upgrade Name

Upgrade Meaning


Leaping Flame

Tier 5 Loaded Spear


Great Feather Mist Raven

Tier 5 Mist Raven


Purple Fume Spark

Tier 5 Firecracker


Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella

Tier 5 Loaded Umbrella


Lazulite Sabimaru

Tier 6 Sabimaru


Lazulite Axe

Tier 6 Loaded Axe


Lazulite Sacred Flame

Tier 6 Flame Barrel

It can naturally be found at Ashina Outskirts. Killing the Ministry Gunman after being locked out of the area rewards one Fulminated Mercury, as does killing the Gunmen patrolling the area around the Poison Pool idol in Ashina Depths.

To farm Fulminated Mercury, wait until you've obtained the Golden Vortex Tool and the Ministry begins to attack you at the Ashina Castle Idol. Go to the Idol and use a Mibu Possession Balloon to up the item drop rate from enemies.

Run up at the stairs ahead of the idol to the enemies at the top, then use the Golden Vortex to look all the nearby enemies. Head back to the Idol, rest to reset the area, and repeat until you're satisfied with your Fulminated Mercury inventory.

Photo courtesy of From Software/Activision