The Division 2 Bravo 04 Error: What is it and How Can it be Fixed?

The Division 2 Bravo 04 error can occur as players attempt to log into the game or continue playing. Here is how to fix the Bravo-04 error message and continue playing.

The Division 2 Bravo 04 Error

When fans encounter the Bravo-04 error, it is not the fault of the player. Unlike other errors in The Division 2, the Bravo-04 error​ is because of a problem with Ubisoft. If fans see the error message appear on their screen, it means the server is down. That would likely be because of maintenance or other technical problems on Ubisoft's side.

Fans should check to see if there is maintenance going on by visiting the Twitter account for The Division 2, which will inform players ahead of time if the servers will be down for maintenance. They will need to wait until the servers come back online to continue playing.

Cover photo courtesy of Ubisoft