Risk of Rain 2 Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber: How to Find It

Risk of Rain 2 Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber can be found by working with your teammates. In the Abandoned Aqueduct stage are two hidden buttons that must both be pressed at the same time. Doing so will reveal a hidden door to two boss fights.

Risk of Rain 2 Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber

There is a large tunnel blocked with a gate in the Abandoned Aqueduct stage. To open it, you will need to find two buttons and press both of them simultaneously. They spawn in random places on the map and can be quite far apart, but they are usually both behind a rock.

In multiplayer, simply have two players step on the buttons at once. But in single player, players will need to roll a pot onto one of the buttons, or if they are an engineer, spawn a turret on the button.

After taking these steps, the gate will open up and players can enter the hidden chamber. There are two bosses inside that do a lot of damage, so don't play carelessly. Defeating both of them will grant players loot and the Death To Us Part achievement. 

Risk of Rain 2 has a host of characters to unlock. The game also includes numerous items to help players through the game.

Photo courtesy of Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing