Overwatch April Fools: Reinhardt Easter Egg Celebrates Holiday

Overwatch April Fools has arrived, and Blizzard has returned to the well with its celebration. Here's how it's pranked its players this year.

Overwatch April Fools: What to Expect

​Overwatch has been around long enough to celebrate two different April Fools events, and it's celebrated the same way both times. In 2017, the first year of its public release, Overwatch added in a single joke to note the holiday. Players playing Reinhardt who typed messages in chat would have all of their text appear in all capital letters, and with Reinhardt voice lines at their ends, as though Reinhardt himself were shouting the text.

Players were split on the joke, with some considering it as much an annoying inconvenience as a funny occurrence.

The joke returned the following year and, as of Sunday, it appears to have made its third appearance this year, making Reinhardt's text-based shouting a veritable Overwatch tradition.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard