​Wrecking Ball is the seventh tank hero in Overwatch and is one of the more unique heroes as the character isn't human nor omnic, but an animal. Here are five fun facts about the voice actors who bring Wrecking Ball to life.

5. There are Two Voice Actors

Wrecking Ball isn't voiced by one person, but two people. Dee Bradley Baker and Jonathan Lipow both play Wrecking Ball in Overwatch. Baker makes the hamster squeaks, while Lipow translates the hamster's message in the mech's robotic voice. 

4. Baker is Known for his Animal Noises

Fans might known Baker's other work in shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender as Momo and Appa, and was also Perry the Platypus in Phineas and Ferb. 

3. Baker was in Other Video Games

In addition to voicing Wrecking Ball in Overwatch, Baker has experience with recording voices for other video games like Halo where he played Gravemind. 

2. Lipow Also Lent his Voice for Video Games

Lipow's credits in video games revolve mostly around additional voices in a variety of games, like Batman: Arkham Knight and Arkham Origins, God of War, and more. 

1. Both Demonstrated Wrecking Ball's Voice at BlizzCon

The most interesting thing about both the voice actors is the fact that they performed a few Wrecking Ball voice lines at BlizzCon, which gave fans a look at the process and how the voices naturally sound before Blizzard edits them for the game. Fans will immediately notice both Lupow and Baker's natural voice acting for Wrecking Ball sounds pretty similar to the final product.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard