With new patches and a new stage of the Overwatch League, fans will be looking to the professionals to see the new direction of the meta. But prospects for the new meta have been murky at best. Some analysts claim that GOATS, the triple-tank-triple-support meta is here to stay while other players believe that an innovative new meta will emerge.

Many people believed that the latest update drove the final nail in the coffin for the GOATS meta that has dominated the game for over half a year. But perhaps they were just eager to see new team compositions in Overwatch. The truth of the matter is we won't really know what team compositions will be popular until the new Stage of the OWL. For example, caster Andrew "ZP" Rush argues that OWL players think GOATS is still too strong. Main tank Matthew "super" DeLisi of the Shock agrees with him. But analyst Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson counter-argues that from his perspective, GOATS was being defeated by other team compositions. Perhaps these were map dependent compositions, but either way, even the experts with inside knowledge about internal OWL scrims have not reached a consensus on how the meta will shift.

If what is going on in scrims is purely speculation, is there any evidence of a meta shift on the Overwatch competitive ladder? Through watching higher SR ranked games on Twitch, it looks like Orisa-Hog is making a comeback. Although these two heroes have not been altered by much, perhaps their increase in play is due to future synergy with Baptiste when he finally arrives in competitive mode. Winston has also seen greater play time. This is because the recent changes to armor and knock back have resulted in a net increase in the damage of Winston's Tesla Cannon and greater knockback consistency with Winston's ultimate Primal Rage. Perhaps this means Winston GOATS will see greater play time.

There are of course more intriguing compositions to consider. There is the Quad DPS with a Hammond as the solo tank composition that is reminiscent of the Chengdu Hunters. Others say static bunker compositions will be the new norm. Symmetra is fast becoming a more popular pick and she can quickly teleport a shield-heavy Bastion composition to the optimal high ground. In sum, although the future meta is unclear, there are a lot of clever, innovative ideas currently being exchanged.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment