​Blizzard enabled Baptiste in competitive Overwatch Season 15. The hero was first introduced to live servers in March, but is now available for anyone who wishes to play him in ranked play. 

​​​Overwatch Hero 30, Baptiste, is now live in competitive play. The hero spent a couple of weeks on the Public Test Region after his introduction to the game in February, and ​officially went live for all platforms March 19. Like with all new hero releases, he was barred from competitive play to allow players to get used to Baptiste in quick play or custom games. 

Baptiste is the seventh support hero. His kit is a mixture of Ana's healing, with Baptiste's gun lobbing a healing projectile that has an area-of-effect similar to her Biotic Grenades. His gun can also shoot at enemies in three-round bursts. Baptiste can also deploy an Immortality Field to prevent his team from dying as long as the drone is active -- though it can be Hacked by Sombra and destroyed if targeted.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard