Does Risk of Rain 2 Have An Ending?

Does Risk of Rain 2 have an ending? Many players are wondering if the recently released game Risk of Rain 2 has an ending or simply goes on forever.

Risk of Rain fans were pleasantly surprised to see Risk of Rain 2 arrive in the Steam Store on Thursday. Risk of Rain 2, which is currently in early access, builds upon the gameplay fans loved about the first game. Risk of Rain 2 includes an extra dimension, randomized environments and enemies, and up to four player co-op play. 

But what about the end?

Does Risk of Rain 2 Have An Ending?

Risk of Rain 2 does not have an ending at the moment. The game will go on forever until the player dies. Each stage has a final boss and the stages will get progressively more difficult, but the game doesn’t have a traditional ending.

Risk of Rain 2 is now available in Early Access on Steam.

Cover Photo courtesy of Hopoo Games.