5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 9.7

With tanks returning to the top lane and the mid lane free of Lissandra's icy grasp, there are many new opportunities for the bot lane. Mages are largely extinct as AD Carries rise, which hints at a return of enchanters in the Support position. In this return to the norm, here are the five best champion duos to pilot in the bot lane for League of Legends Patch 9.7. 

5. Kog'Maw and Lulu

One's a cute tiny pixie magician, the other's a nightmarish dinosaur creature spawned from the Void. Visually they may not have matching fashion senses per se, but you'd be hard-pressed to find many champions with better synergy. 

Not only do their kits play off each others perfectly, Lulu can also keep Kog'Maw safe through the early game allowing the hyper-carry to truly shine in the late-game. 

4. Lucian and Braum

For those truly looking to smash lane and win game, Lucian and Braum are the most powerful bot lane duo during the early-game. With huge amounts of pressure in damage, crowd-control and kill-threat, this duo will shove lane and take tower plates with high regularity. 

While Lucian falls off in the late-game compared to hyper-carries, Braum remains resilient throughout the match and can provide a frontline for Lucian to weave around while looking to smash the opposing backline in team-fights. 

3. Ezreal and Tahm Kench

Here they are again. Ezreal is no longer king of the bot lane with the removal of the Double Tear build, but he's still a potent ranged damage-dealer with incessant poke and harassment. 

Tahm Kench pairs well with near-all AD carries, but excels with Ezreal to prevent even divers from getting onto the Prodigal Explorer in the back-line. This is especially important in a potential Tank meta, to better allow Ezreal to shred down Tanks with his ceaseless barrage of attacks. 

2. Kai'Sa and Leona

Kai'Sa benefits greatly from a strong laning partner who can keep her alive through the laning phase and lay down crowd-control to stack her plasma for her Second Skin (Passive) and Killer Instinct (R) abilities. 

Leona is not only the queen of crowd-control with her multitude of stuns and slows, but she can also engage and peel for Kai'Sa as required and with her new buffs, she can apply enormous amounts of plasma and crowd-control during late-game team fights, which is when a hyper-carry like Kai'Sa is at her most powerful. 

1. Vayne and Galio

Vayne is absurdly powerful in the current game and Galio is one of the most powerful Supports with tanking ability, crowd-control, engage and disengage, and roaming potential. Together, they are a frightening force with Galio's significant threat range helping relieve Vayne's biggest weakness: her short range. 

Together, though, they can chain their crowd-control abilities to 100-0 enemies even during laning phase, and once Vayne gets online and really starts to terrorize during team fights while Galio provides huge zone control to permit her to Tumble (Q) non-stop, then this duo will run rampant through a game. 

Images courtesy of Riot Games