Apex Legends 429: What it is and How to Fix it

​Apex Legends 429 is an error code players find themselves occasionally running into as they attempt to join servers and jump into a game. Here's what the error means and how to fix it. 

​​Apex Legends 429: What it is and How to Fix it

If fans encounter an "Error Code 429" message in Apex Legends, it is a connection error. The problem is more than likely not on the player's end, however. When this error appears, ​fans will be unable to join servers but it will be because the servers for the game itself are offline. 

This can happen because of server maintenance, a pressing update that needs to be added live, or other fixes that Respawn Entertainment would need to immediately make before players continue playing or logging into ​Apex Legends. The only way to fix it will be to keep trying until Respawn brings the servers back online.

Developers recently solved a problem that ​wiped every player's progress, including levels, skins, and more. 

Cover photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment