​Risk of Rain 2 Celestial Portal is important if players want to unlock Mercenary. As Mercenary is one of the more popular characters, fans are looking to unlock them as early as possible. Here's how to do so and how the Celestial Portal fits with unlock Mercenary. 

​​Risk of Rain 2 Celestial Portal: How to Unlock Mercenary 

The only way fans will have a chance to unlock Mercenary is by finding a Celestial Portal. They might appear at random during the game, but many players are reporting finding a Celestial Portal after defeating Rallypoint Delta. There is no confirmed way on how to make a Celestial Portal appear yet, so the safest way will be to continue playing or go through the portal that will likely appear after beating Rallypoint Delta.

Once fans find a Celestial Portal, they will need to go through it and interact with the Obelisk by sacrificing themselves. By doing so, Mercenary will be unlocked. 

Cover photo courtesy of Hopoo Games