The Florida Mayhem have announced their intent to shift the direction of the team. To iron out crippling communication issues, they are changing the roster to be fully Korean, so their Western players and coaches will be looking for new teams to join.

The Florida Mayhem released Head Coach Vytis “Mineral” Lasaitis and Assistant Coach Youngsu “Yeah” Jung. DPS players Damon "Apply" Conti, Kevin "Tviq" Lindstrom, and Off-Tank Caleb "McGravy" McGarvey are all now looking for a new team. 

McGravey did say on stream that he, Apply, and Tviq had the option to continue to play for the Mayhe, but they decided to seek new opportunities on their own volition.

Of particular note will be the departure of Tviq. Losing Tviq will make the Mayhem the first team to lose all of the players from their original roster. Tviq has also been a mainstay for the Mayhem and the old team Misfits since 2016. Besides being the team's bus driver, he is one of the most flexible players in the OWL and he was one of the reasons why fans chose to support the Mayhem.

The team did add Coach Sang Min “Insight” Oh from O2 Blast and Stormquake, strong teams in Contenders Korea. They also added Andrew “Korean Mulan” Kim as Assistant Team Manager and promoted David “MDS” Suh from translator to Team Manager.

Such major roster changes right in the middle of the OWL bring in even more Mayhem to the Mayhem. In Stage 1, the team had only one win and that was against a shorthanded Philadelphia Fusion. On the last day, the Mayhem even managed to lose to the previously winless Washington Justice. This decision to go all-Korean will be heavily scrutinized if the new roster does not produce positive results quickly.

Other major roster changes around the OWL have benefited the Atlanta Reign and Toronto Defiant.

Photo courtesy of Florida Mayhem