Blizzard apparently asked Overwatch League fans who were at the arena to refrain from using the "OK" sign with their hand because of its lesser-known association with white supremacy and "white power." 

Overwatch "OK" Sign Apparently Banned

During an Overwatch League broadcast, a fan stuck their hand into the camera shot as Jang “Decay” Gui-un was being interviewed. Although the fan's hand gesture can be read as the universal OK sign, in addition to being a meme people use, an underlying connotation some might not know about the link the symbol with white supremacy. 

The sign is meant to imply the initials of white power and act as a way for other white supremacists to recognize each other. Even though people cite a campaign from 4chan in 2017 called "Operation O-KKK" as the beginning of the symbol's negative connotation, there are instances that occurred before the 4chan campaign where the symbol was believed to be used by white supremacists.

Blizzard previously banned the Pepe emote from the Overwatch League, from the players to the emote being used in the official Twitch stream, for its association with the alt-right.

Cover photo courtesy of Robert Paul/Blizzard