Im37 Overwatch, whose real name is Hong Junui, is the newest player for the Toronto Defiant. Here's everything you need to know about the team's newest player in the Overwatch League. 

Im37 Overwatch: Everything You Need to Know

Im37 is the newest player signed to the Toronto Defiant. He is Korean and lives in Vancouver, Canada. He is not 37-years-old, even though his in-game name claims otherwise. Im37 is 19-years-old, but his in-game name was based on McCree's age in the lore.

He is a DPS player. His previous experience with professional Overwatch was with Second Wind, a North American Overwatch Contenders team. Im37 joined Second Wind March 24 and stayed with the team for a little over a week before leaving and being officially signed to the Toronto Defiant. 

Cover photo courtesy of Toronto Defiant/Twitter