7 Fortnite Locations People Still Wish Were in the Game

Photo by Epic Games
Photo by Epic Games /

Epic Games' smash hit Fortnite has undergone several map changes since the battle royale's release back in the summer of 2017. Whether you have been playing the game since launch or just recently, Chapter 2 - Season 2's map introduces new locations such as The Grotto and The Shark while paying homage to some of Fortnite's inaugural spots.

Nonetheless, here is a look at seven locations people still wish were in the game:

1. Snobby Shores

Dominating the left portion of one of Fortnite's prior maps, Snobby Shores no longer remains in the game after its removal in Season 10. Each house within Snobby Shores was just that: snobby. The multiple-story homes not only featured luxurious amenities but a plethora of loot and chests to go along with them.

2. Prison

Albeit not initially titled on any Fortnite map, Prison stood as a secluded spot with decent loot. Luckily, no actual prisoners occupied the jail's cells during its lifespan.

3. Loot Lake

Funny enough, Loot Lake was not actually known for its loot. In fact, the POI once stood at the epicenter of Fortnite's map. A single house encircled by the lake itself, Loot Lake was the perfect spot for sniping players to prey on their distant targets.

4. Greasy Grove

A small neighborhood entrenched with a park, gas station and burger joint, the only thing greasy about Greasy Grove was its top-notch drops. This loot-filled POI had undergone several physical changes before finally being sucked into a black hole in the first season of Chapter 2.

5. Anarchy Acres

Anarchy Acres once played host to a farmhouse with barns, small sheds, trees, water towers and crop fields. This spot was the epitome of the phrase "first come, first serve." Minimally scattered loot meant that your only chance of survival was landing before your enemies.

6. Tomato Town

A cherry red, smiling tomato once sat atop Tomato Town, overlooking its various conveniences. While players weren't exactly there for gas, food or tomatoes, they were there for the goods the small drop had to offer.

7. Tilted Towers

One of the most beloved, and certainly overpopulated, Fortnite locations of its time had to be Tilted Towers. Tall skyscrapers called for crazy build battles, tons of loot and plenty of competition. Tilted Towers would undergo a handful of changes before finally being modified into the new Tilted Town in Season 10. There are no remains of Tilted Towers in the Fortnite of today.