7 Stars in the Sky in Fortnite: What Do They Mean?

Seven mysterious stars have appeared in the sky in Fortnite
Seven mysterious stars have appeared in the sky in Fortnite / Epic Games, via FN_Assist

If you've looked up into the sky on Fortnite's waiting island, you might have seen a number of strange stars in the sky. But what do they mean?

The sky in Fortnite has rarely played a huge role across its four chapters, so there's never been much reason to direct your attention to what's above. But if you've had some time to kill while waiting for a match to start, you might have gazed up at the stars only to spot seven of them in a strange formation.

These are different to the typical constellations you might see, with the seven stars forming a circular shape in the night sky that have only appeared after Fortnite's v23.20 update. As it turns out, they're connected to this season's storyline.

Seven Stars in the Sky Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

The number seven has appeared a lot throughout Fortnite's overarching storyline — most notably with "The Seven" or the number of different symbols on the Imagined Order's insignia. This time, it seems these seven starts could be linked to Rift Warden Stellan.

Rift Warden Stellan is the head alchemist of the Oathbound who players interact with as part of the second set of Oathbound Challenges. Stellan has been tasked with building a Rift Gate, which would allow The Oathbound to reach other galaxies. In addition, Rift Warden Stellan informs players that a "shapeless man" with a dark purpose watches over the world. Should the Rift Gate not be completed, then a terrible fate will fall upon the island.

The stars appeared in the sky soon after Rift Warden Stellan appeared in-game, suggesting that the two are connected. Players were also tasked with aligning Star Sensors during an Oathbound quest.

The purpose of the stars has yet to be made clear, but the next part of the Oathbound Challenges will be roling out in a few days time. Perhaps their origins will be explained then.