8 Most Exciting Icons to Go After in FUT Icon Swaps

FUT Icon Swaps, a new promotion announced for FIFA Ultimate Team, provides a new way for players to obtain the valued cards in FIFA 20.

Icon Swaps was announced Sept. 17 ahead of FIFA Ultimate Team kicking off Sept. 27. EA Sports changed how Icons work in FIFA 20 with different versions being released in different stages throughout a year. One of those ways also is with Icon Swaps replacing Icon Squad Building Challenges.

Icon Swaps 1 kicks off Friday so here are eight Icons worth going after during the promotion.

8 Most Exciting Icons to Go After in FUT Icon Swaps

8. Rio Ferdinand (Base) - 85 CB

The legendary Manchester United center back appears in Icon Swaps 1. Unfortunately, it's only his base card, but high pace at defense has proven early on to be important. He'd be a strong pick for people struggling in defense.

7. Michael Owen (Prime) - 91 ST

Michael Owen is one of the few Prime Icons in the first Swaps program. This will be the only time Owen appears in Swaps so, for Liverpool fans, this is the time to pick him up.

6. Didier Drogba (Mid) - 89 ST

Didier Drogba is a new Icon in FIFA 20 and EA chose to release his mid version. Pick up Drogba now or else miss out on getting him without dropping the coins.

5. Roy Keane (Prime) - 90 CM

Roy Keane was a fan-favorite CDM last year. If his card performs anywhere close to his previous card, he'll be a rock for teams in the midfield for a good part of the cycle.

4. Ian Wright (Prime) - 89 ST

Another new Icon for FIFA 20, the Arsenal legend is one of the Prime Icons in Swaps 1 as well. He's a no-brainer for Arsenal fans wanting the Icon in their teams.

3. Steven Gerrard (Mid) - 89 CM

Diverse midfielders with pace, passing, dribbling and shooting are important this year. Steven Gerrard's mid Icon checks all of those boxes as a CAM.

2. Michael Ballack (Base) - 86 CM

Another fan-favorite CDM from last year was Michael Ballack. Players will only get his base card for Swaps, but he's a top option regardless.

1. Emilio Butragueno (Base) - 87 ST

Early days of FIFA are all about pace in Ultimate Team, especially in attack. Butragueno is a speedy striker with strong finishing.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports