A New Paranormal Activity Game Is Coming

Paranormal Activity fans should be hyped up.
Paranormal Activity fans should be hyped up. / Dread XP Games

The first Paranormal Activity movie came out in Oct. 2007. It became such a hit that six more films were released from 2010 to 2021. The franchise is known for elevating the meaning of “found footage” horror and has expanded to comics and virtual reality. Gamers fans of Paranormal Activity can look forward to an upcoming video game based on the franchise.

A New Paranormal Activity Game Is Coming

The game is called Paranormal Activity: Found Footage. Its first trailer came out on Feb. 27, but little information was given to us. The trailer tells us the game will be released in 2026. We also discovered that Brian Clarke, Paramount Global, and DreadXP are collaborating to produce and publish the game.   

DreadXP has its fair share of horror indies. Amanda the Adventurer, My Friendly Neighborhood, and Sucker for Love are only a handful of them.

People may recognize Briane Clarke as the owner of DarkStone Digital and co-director of DreadXP. He’s the leading developer behind many popular indie horror games. One of his most popular projects is The Mortuary Assistant, where players must fight off demons while working at the haunted River Fields Mortuary. 

Clarke is leading the development of Found Footage, which is good news to many players who loved The Mortuary Assistant. The developer’s exact words were, “If you thought ‘The Mortuary Assistant’ was scary, we’re taking what we learned during the development of that title and cranking it up with a more reactive and horrifying haunting system. It’s going to be intense!”

Variety interviewed DreadXP and Paramount Global staff members, and they stated Found Footage will be on multiple platforms and have an enhanced “Haunt System” meant to “alter the types and intensity of scares players will encounter based on their actions.”